The designer : Monica Rusconi After completing her classical studies, she attended the European Institute of Design in Milan obtaining a diploma in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. After a brief spell at a kids’ clothing firm, in 1990 she was awarded the “Young Fashion Design Award” by Pitti Bimbo and started working as a free-lance designer. She has worked for many years in Paris collaborating with other kids’ apparel designers and designing collections for Italian and European trademarks. The birth of her son, Pietro, and her long professional experience, led in June 2000 to the creation of Album di Famiglia, a small yet innovative collection initially centered on newborn babies.

 The Brand :  Album di Famiglia is a highly modern concept, a minimalist, haut de gamme collection entirely made in Italy, rich in design value, dedicated to neonates and children, women and men. All models are characterized by their almost geometric shapes, free from unnecessary frills, declined in a sophisticated range of dark, dusty colours, and made of high-quality materials.

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