The message that life writes on an animal’s skin, encoding it in scars, rough textures and irregular tonalities is a powerful and limitless source of inspiration. The breathtaking dichotomy between the warm beauty of life and of the cold inevitability of death accompanies us in our everyday work: we feel it with our hands, we smell it, and we embrace it because it reminds us of our own fate.

We think that being part of the animal’s world gives us certain obligations. Whilst working with the animal’s skin we aim to preserve the traces of life. We focus on giving our objects – shoes – substance and significance. We desire to be surrounded solely by objects that enable a dialogue with ourselves. The shoes we are making and wearing become our diaries and faithful companions.

Water, sunlight, earth, air and high temperatures help us to preserve the shape and the texture we want to achieve. The traditional tools that we use – the extension of our hands and instruments of our vision – inevitably leave marks on our works: our signature.

Fashion, understood as a cycle of changing popular styles, aesthetics or practices, is indifferent to us. The sole motivation behind our works is the material, which we transform into objects: the animal’s skin. Each time we aim to push the boundaries little by little to see where it is going to take us.

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