Dynamic, high quality beautiful products that evoke nostalgic memories of a long lost time when craftsmanship was paramount, a sensibility often lost In today’s fast fashion consumerism and industrialised mass market mentality. Driven by innovation, but not bound by convention, these complex layers of history are transformed and enriched to create something special with a new modernist edge. Natural horsehides, over-dyed Buffalo and organic Vachetta are typical of the skins utilised and transforming these raw organic materials into wearable sculptures is at the heart of each Officine Creative product. The label has become globally recognised as an originator of the washed object dyed method of advanced artisanal leather treatments. By using a closely guarded formula of natural dyes together with the ‘Bottale’ washing technique the workshop artisans have perfected a uniquely identifiable signature look over many years resulting in each product it’s signature patina.

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